Sol Bound is a 2D pixel action-adventure game. As Danny, you fuse together with Sri to access an array of unique powers to solve puzzles and fight dangerous Desvario - the monsters that thrive on Tierrania’s spoiled land. With Sri inside of you, you’re able to manipulate an invisible current called Sol, an energy which pulses through all living creatures. Having sol at your disposal allows you to shoot electricity from you hand, leap high in the air, even transfer Sri to other lifeforms. Along your journey, explore a whole new world, meet a recovering society full of quirky characters and work with your network to unravel the sinister past that lead to Tierrania’s decline.

Like most action adventure games, you’ll encounter the story driven puzzles, enemies and dungeons you’ve come to expect - but aside from our fun game mechanics and unique story line what exactly makes Sol Bound stand out from other action-adventure games?

Being the diverse Latin team we are, meant that we wanted to infuse our culture, our customs and especially our food into Tierrania. While you won't need to be reaching for a Spanish dictionary to play Sol Bound, you’re sure to experience a world you’ve never encountered before!






In a world covered in toxic poison and controlled by the shadowy elite, young upstart Danny Diaz finally got his break in life - a new job, a new town and plenty of perks! But things start to sour on his first day as he involuntarily becomes a spectator to a terrifying mutiny. When Danny unexpectedly stumbles upon Sri, one of the last surviving members of the Moura race, he begins to uncover a plot that runs all the way through the fractured society of Tierrania. Through Sol Binding, Danny is able to harbor Sri inside of him and utilize her impressive abilities as the two explore the outdoors for the first time in their lives.

Although he’s only spoken to his long-time friends The Radioactives via his self-made radio Survival Watch, Danny knows he can count on them. Journeying to their isolated shelters, interacting with unique communities and finally meeting The Radioactives, Danny and Sri seek their invaluable expertise to help save the people of Tierrania and Moura alike.







An electrical engineering genius, Danny Diaz is a precious resource in a post-apocalyptic world. Being born within the walls of an evacuation shelter, a promising new career in the big-city offers more adventure than he could ever dream of.




Kidnapped as a juvenile Moura and one of the last of her kind, Sri wants nothing more than to find freedom again for her and her Sister. Moura have unique defensive capabilities to manipulate Sol, which allow them to shoot energy from their bodies, or even temporarily take control of a host.




Augustin, or “Auggie” as he’s called by his fans, is a skilled electrician. In his spare time he’s slowly built amplifiers for the villagers in his hometown of Astur, broadcasting his own amateur radio novelas throughout the town.



L A Z A R O +

Half of the time arguing, half of the time sucking on each other’s faces, these two high-strung lovers surprisingly make an effective team. Lazaro is a celebrated architect and Zoraida is a skilled blacksmith - together the two were able to refurbish a dilapidated subway system, allowing post-exodus Tierrania to finally be connected once again.  




The last programmer known to exist in Tierrania, Olga has written most of the functioning code in use today. Because of her age, she’s the only member of the Radioactives who has lived long enough to see what peace on Tierrania looked like. After being paid handsomely for her work on DynaCo’s entire security system, Olga retired from her long days hunched over a keyboard and opened up her own nail salon. Finally, no more chipped nails!  




The youngest member of The Radioactives, fourteen year old Javier, or Javs as he’s called, loves nothing more than mixing beats on his homemade recorder. Unfortunately, living in a post-apocalyptic world means that you need to be resourceful. In his quest for creating the perfect sound, Javs unexpectedly finds himself learning engineering on the way, forming an unbreakable brother bond with fellow Karinyan, Danny.



 V I S I D I U S

The unelected Mayor of Kalios City and second president of DynaCo. Mr. Gray sees a lot of potential in Danny and comped all his expenses to move to the grandest city in Tierrania. Not much is known about his personal life as his secretary, Nita Sorita, speaks almost exclusively on his behalf.



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