Once upon a time, an ambitious small-town couple arrived in the big-city. For several years, the duo worked tirelessly, taking on countless internships, working multiple jobs, and earning their stripes in their industry. Even as they dodged the constant family pressure from their Mamis, Tias and Abuelas to settle down and have kids, the two stayed the course.

Eventually our heroes realized that following your dream can be really risky! Sometimes a mission ends a little early, and without warning, there is no more work for you. Some families can afford to take some time off without pay - but not this family! Not lots of other families either. Without a way to reliably continue following their dreams, the two brainstormed until the idea came to them. Just like their immigrant parents before them, the pair of freshly minted entrepreneurs decided to  start their own business and finally write their own destiny.     

Today, these married devs have invested their hearts, time and resources into a brand-new company they’ve called CROWQUETICA GAMES. With their handpicked team of professional and passionate developers, our heroes have the perfect party to take CROWQUETICA GAMES to a whole new level! Starting of course with our debut action-adventure game, Sol Bound! If the couple successfully reach their stretch Kickstarter Goal, they hope to open a small studio in Queens, New York, offering future opportunities and mentoring to other budding developers who may not otherwise know how to get into the game industry.  





President & Creative Director
Originally from Miami, Veronica has been creating art professionally for over a decade. She’s worked on several types of games, from 2D mobile shooters, tablet MMO’s, 3D PC games, VR simulations and much, much more. Her dream is to make Crowquetica Games a successful studio, so she can achieve the ultimate goal of being a Mom and following her dreams too!


Lead Programmer
Classically trained, but more of a self-learner, programming has been a passion of Sergio for almost a decade. Just like his Dad, he hopes he can build a happy future for his family by starting his own company! Best of all, he loves working with his staunchest ally and best friend, his waifu Veronica.


Coding since middle school, Vick guarantees he is the nerdiest 6’3 Japanese speaking black Puerto Rican you’ll ever meet. Games have always been a huge part of his life, and he is happy to do his part in creating more of them now.


Game Designer
Writer Caitlin is a NYC-based game designer and graduate of the NYU Game Center. She has a deep obsession with puzzles, murder mysteries, and all food that is pizza. Her greatest dream is to sneak inside the Disney theme park Haunted Mansion ride and live among the animatronic ghosts.


Music Composer
Ronnie is a Miami based music and sound composer. He’s created some game music in the past, but nothing like this! While many people might be put off by the challenge, Ronnie couldn’t be more eager to give audial life to the fictional world of Tierrania.


Erin is an New Jersey based illustrator and concept artist. Though still in school, she has been working professionally as a freelancer for several years. Erin will be entering her senior year at the School of Visual Arts this Fall.
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